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What is a Shamanic Energy Healing Session?

A Shamanic Energy Healing session creates a safe space to release hidden trauma, stuck energy, and latent anxiety. During the session, you will relax and drift, while John Whitehorse works inside the invisible realms of the Universe and the layers of your energy field to bring balance and restore your life force to its natural state. As a trained shaman, initiated in the lineage of the ancient indigenous shamans of Peru, John brings a powerful energy medicine legacy and mastery to every individual session.

Sessions are offered by John Whitehorse
via Zoom or Facetime

Traditional Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions

Offered Virtually

15-30 minutes of sharing

45-60 minutes of energy work

Followed by 15 minutes of integration conversation


During this 2-hour “Hands-on” session Shaman John Whitehorse uses the “Illumination” process to assist you to clear your karmic imprints from your luminous energy field, bringing healing into your soul being.

This multi-dimensional energy session uses his diverse and in-depth training from the indigenous shamans of Peru and his modern-day Energy Medicine certification from the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society. The deep healing will allow you to break “patterns” that no longer serve you and release negative energy. Your personal story is not erased, it just no longer holds any emotion. Destructive “patterns” in your life are forever released and you can begin to move forward into your new vibrant self.

You will be able to dialogue and negotiate with your spirit and learn how to re-map your future. You will also learn a new personal inner conversation that supports your intentions about the life you desire to create.

What to Expect During a Shamanic Energy Healing Session?

John’s shamanic healing practice is grounded in ancient wisdom teachings that will fully explore your past and develop your future potential. All of us hold unwanted negative energetic baggage. By scheduling a time for yourself, you will begin the process to release the blocks that stop you from moving forward.

During your session, John will receive messages from nature and spirit guides to remove obstacles and bring to light the shifts that you want to come through. The session is held in a safe, relaxing and quiet sacred space. There is little or no speaking, and there are no unexpected startling noises. The shaman will use rattles and drums in the healing modality and work with crystals, animal archetypes and blessed objects to move your energy where is is guided to go.

Before a session it’s important to set a personal intention. This may be shared with the shaman, if you choose. Your personal journey and stories can also remain private within you, and your healing will still unfold in amazing ways.

In the days after your shamanic energy session you may feel centered, grounded and more relaxed. You may also feel tired and need of a bit more rest and self-care. Honor your process and know that everyone is unique. Trust that your spirit knows what is needed for you to have a deep personal transformation.

John Whitehorse offers Integration and Shadow Work Coaching, training in the Indigenous Shamanic Healing Arts, and Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing sessions.

Are you new to Shamanic Energy Practices?

Or maybe you have a unique life situation, you may feel that you need to share aspects of your story with another person and how you desire to let those feelings go. Please take the time to schedule a free discovery call for anything that is on your mind or even something very personal you’d like to discuss with the Shaman, before making an appointment. This 30-minute call is complimentary. There is no energy medicine healing work offered during these conversations.

Discover the path to your enlightenment and wholeness, and develop a deep sense of satisfaction in your new life. Your true purpose awaits you only when you free yourself to look deep inside your soul.