Shadow Work and Personal Healing & Integration

90-Day Program

Explore your Life Experience with a Courageous Journey into the Shadows

Every healing journey is unique. Often more than a single session is needed to create sustainable transformation.

John Whitehorse designed this experience for you to allow the space to move away negative and unwanted energy permanently to build strong protection, new hope, and inspiration, and to establish a deep sense of well-being.

What’s Included

Three Months of one-on-one private energy healing sessions in an intimate, safe, and confidential Sacred Space.

One Private Shamanic Energy Healing Session each month

2 hours each, 3 sessions total

One Deep Dive Shamanic Energy Healing Session

3 hours

One Integration Call each month

30 minutes each, 3 calls total


Shadow Work Journaling with Prompts

Breathwork training

Bands of Protection & Power ritual

Your Investment

3 monthly payments of $625 or one-time payment of $1,675

Discover your Soul’s Radiance