Personal Spiritual Healing Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico

with John Whitehorse

Live with Intention

One-on-one Private Ceremonies, Blessings, and Energy Healing sessions in an intimate, safe, and confidential Sacred Space.

A deeply immersive and profoundly intimate journey into your personal experience and energy field. You will have the opportunity to focus exclusively on yourself and unlock dormant aspects of your subconscious mind.

This may be for you if you have tried other healing modalities and they have only scratched the surface. Shamanic energy medicine works directly with your soul and retrieves aspects left behind due to trauma, abuse, loss, and grief.

Often, it may require several days of energy work to access the deeper levels of an issue in your life and then create the space where it can be gently and effortlessly released permanently from your life.


Explore your soul’s desire in a customized sacred journey designed around your needs and goals


Receive bands of protection to remove negative energy and heal your life


Discover the sacred ceremonies and teachings of the shamanic way of life


Release and heal negative energy patterns in your life once and for all


Avoid roommates, group energy dynamics, and crowded environments

Personal Healing Retreats are offered exclusively in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and based on availability.

No rush, flexible schedule, relax and go at your own pace in these one, two or three-day sessions. Private retreats follow the flow and timelessness of whatever you need. You have plenty of time to share your insights with complete privacy in a gentle, non-judgmental, and attentive space.

All Private Shamanic Healing Retreats involve a combination of energy work, nature, detox, reflection, and soul retrieval. Sessions may include sound therapy, crystal bowls healing, nature walks, sand painting, medicine wheel, fire ceremonies, and journey work in the beautiful sacred lands of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Each day is six hours of nature activities, shamanic ceremonies, and energy healing sessions. The Private Spiritual Retreat can be one day, two days, or three days depending on your needs.

Upon receipt of your deposit, John Whitehorse will contact you to schedule your Personal Spiritual Retreat. It’s strongly recommended that these all-day sessions be attended in person. Lodging and Transportation to Santa Fe, New Mexico are not included. A rental car is recommended. The address will be provided at the time of confirmation. Payment is due in advance to confirm dates. Additional time requested during the in-person session is based on availability.

Private retreats may be used for Peru Shamanic Training and Initiations into the lineage of the Shamans of the Q’ero tribe of the High Andes in Peru.