What’s possible with Shamanic Energy Healing with Shaman John Whitehorse

Shamanic Trekker | John Whitehorse | Author | Documentary Filmmaker Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico – Virtual

Sometimes in life, you just feel stuck. Your energy is low, your mood is dark and things that used to feel good, suddenly hold no spark. You’re not sure what is the source of these feelings, only that you feel depressed, anxious, just different somehow, and not like the person you truly are meant to be.

Perhaps, you’ve been in talk therapy for a while, and while it was a start in the right direction, you feel it’s taken you as far as you can go. Ancient Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine works with the invisible realms around and within you, called your Luminous Field. This Light Body Energy System constantly flows around and through your physical body, and this is where you store emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, and PTSD. The list of negative feelings is varied, as we are all unique spiritual beings. The encouraging news is that these feelings can be transmuted with energy healing. After a session, a deep and profound sense of well-being can move into your heart where happiness can return.

An initiated and trained shaman by the elders of the Indigenous Peruvian Shamans of the Q’ero, John Whitehorse, works with you to break the patterns that sabotage your life. A shamanic healing session helps eliminate anxiety and fear, even if the source is unknown. Heal yourself from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. What most often occurs is a release from childhood wounds and toxic family dynamics.
Your soul has guided you here. Now is the time to unlock hidden trauma and transform your wounds into sources of grace, strength, and wisdom. Together we can safely, gently, and confidentially explore the uncharted territory of your soul in a powerful transformational journey of healing and rebirth. This allows a place for new growth to begin.

John Whitehorse was initiated into the lineage of the indigenous shamans of the High Andes in Peru by the shamans of the Q’ero tribe. Watch the video of one of his many initiation ceremonies in the sacred mountain ceremonial space that the Q’ero call home. Very few westerners have ever been on this ground where shamanic ceremony has been held for more than 1,000 years.

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