Disintegrate the Negative Thoughts and Emotions Through Shamanic Healing

Mar 4, 2020 | John Whitehorse Personal Message, Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing has existed for over 10,000 years and continues to present day to be a source of connection and accessing non-ordinary states of being and wisdom. The shamans who practice this ancient art of self-healing believe their skills work in unison with conventional medicine and psychological support services. Shamanic healing practices are available to someone who seeks to take this journey. Let’s start by laying the foundation with an overview of shamanic healing sessions.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Shamans and spirit travelers are guided through other worlds and assist in healing individuals, the community, and the planet through shamanic healing sessions. These guides can come in two forms – power animals or spirit guides. Power animals are significant in shamanic practices because the belief is every person is born with the spirit of one or more animals (but also take the form of plants and insects). Spirit guides in the form of humanoid beings help guide shamans through unfamiliar realms as a teacher, protector, and companion. Power animals and spirit guides take on familiar-looking forms to better relate to us.

The helping spirits of the shamans are able to diagnose the cause of an illness at a spirit level, give insight, and then help to facilitate the healing treatment. During a shamanic healing ceremony, the shaman goes on a shamanic journey to retrieve the energy and information needed to conduct a healing session. Shamans will perform a bit of energy work in order to integrate the effects of the journey, locate, and release blockages, and increase the body’s ability to heal. Shamans put their skills to great effect in healing common illnesses of anxiety and depression and deep-rooted emotional wounds that fester in relationships.

Shamanic Healing for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is characterized by a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an impending event or something with an uncertain outcome. Your mind and body expend loads of energy imagining something that hasn’t happened yet. Anxiety can take a toll on your spirit.

Additionally, depression and anxiety, although classified as different conditions, commonly occur together. It’s not unheard of to experience symptoms of depression that stem from the past of holding onto emotions, guilt, pain, old wounds and negative thinking. Just like anxiety, depression can take a toll on your spirit. It becomes a vicious cycle and can lead to a range of problems if the root cause is not addressed and cleared.

Shamanic focused practices can assist in untangling the mind and freeing the emotional blockages to get back on track and balance your internal spirit when anxiety and depression rear its ugly head. Shamanic healing for anxiety and depression helps by getting your mind and body and heart-centered enabling you to feel calm, reduce stress, and be more grounded and in charge of your life.

Shamanic Healing for Relationships

We all have regrets about our relationships. There are wounds and misunderstandings, resentments and irritations, things we carry that no longer matter and yet, weigh heavily on our hearts.  The dynamic within relationships is just energy, and it takes the intention of only one member of any relationship to shift or transmute that energy from discordant to harmonic. Shamanic healing can be a catalyst in taking these crucial steps.

Shamanic healing can disintegrate the negative thoughts and emotions, empower individuals to react less to negative energies and promote good energy to flow freely. This healing can manifest a powerfully positive mindset. Unload your karmic baggage and give shamanic healing a try.