Live with Intention

The stories about our lives which we share with others often cast our intention for our future. These stories are filled with conflict and personal tragedy, the cycle continues within our live often for decades if not energetically cleared. We carry so much baggage on our back we are exhausted from carrying so much weight. This baggage comes in the form of roles that define us. Role names of: mother, sister, daughter, father, son, brother. Even our job titles define us by other perceptions and projections. Relationships often keep repeating themselves over and over. Your new partner may have a different hair color or name but yet have the same red flags and outcomes you ignore. These relationship patterns can also be broken and now you are ready to find that right one for you. The shaman helps you shed the past and your worn out stories the way a serpent sheds her skin, transforming her deepest wounds into sources of power and compassion. In this breakthrough session, John uses the "illumination" process to help you clear your karmic imrints from your luminous energy field, bringing healing to your soul being.

You will be able to negotiate with spirit and learn how to re-map your future. You will also learn a new personal dialogue that supports your intentions about the life you desire to create.

Discover the path to your enlightenment, wholeness, and develop a deep sense of satisfaction in your new life. Your true purpose awaits you only when you free yourself to look deep inside your soul.

Trauma and unexpected events can trigger the departure of aspects of your soul.  Shamans believe the spirit can choose to live outside your body if your physical environment becomes too toxic.

Childhood trauma, illness, and grief can be a catalyst to inform your spirit that it is unsafe to exist within your human body. You can tell if your spirit has stepped out by the following symptoms: prolonged sadness, loss of energy, persistent fatigue, relentless stress, and a general sense of hopelessness and confusion.

Learn how to interpret the events that occurred in your past with a new perspective. Transform your fate into a powerful personal destiny. Cleanse and release energetic patterns that keep you stuck and out of balance. During this session, John will teach you how to recover soul parts that were lost as a result of trauma, support you in renegotiating destructive soul contracts, and help you discover a new destiny other than one preordained by your karma.

You have the power to change your destiny. In this session John will work with you to take a preview of your future self. Is this the direction you desire to pursue? Every journey starts with intention, both conscious and sub-conscious desires and beliefs. This gentle exploration will reveal your path and help you align your current experience with your life purpose. You will also have the opportunity to review relationships, career, health, and your general well-being. You may open up your own intuition and begin to trust in yourself and eliminate self doubt. John is trained in divination by indigenous shamans and his insights will enrich your life and increase your ability to receive inspiration from your higher self. Some of the divinations tools he use include: pendulums, stone readings, leaf readings, three card tarot story and totem / power animal card reading.

Shamans have mastered the art of tracking or “seeing” the invisible world. John is able to read the world of your energy and share with you the state of your spiritual health. During this session, John will help you discover a map that will support healing for yourself and your life.

Activate and balance your energy. We are made up of energetic systems that show up in our everyday lives. Your emotions, your relationships, and even your finances are the result of your ability to process your energy. Energetic patterns can be blocked or diverted by our beliefs and our intentions. Here are just a few situations where this particular session is of great aid.

First, you feel "stuck" or have a feeling of being incomplete in an indescribable way. You wake up each day with a hazing feeling and loss of focus. You are questioning everything in your life. Secondly, you may have lost interest in your favorite hobby and for a lack of a better word feel depressed. Lastly, you feel you are under "psychic attack". This can result from your own inner dialog or being surrounded by un-supporting family members, friends and even co-workers. When needed additional guidance and tools are offered to create your own aura of protection from negative thoughts, negative words and aggressive actions from others. During this session, John will balance your energy, clear your chakras, and align your luminous light body with your higher self.

In Shamanism, no matter your form or traditions, all true power is mediated through the heart. So what is needed to awaken your courageous heart?

- Christina Pratt